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Masterkey System Success stories of 2018 and 19 so far!

AFS Security had a very good year in 2018 with continued success leading into the early stages of 2019, which included the installation of master key systems in many locations. December 2018 – Cygnet Hospital – We installed a new … Continue reading

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Should You Install a Safe at Home?

Safes are a security measure that you’ll usually encounter in commercial environments, in which they are installed to keep profits safe until they can be taken to the bank. They are also frequently used by the hospitality industry, where you’ll … Continue reading

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Should You Install CCTV at Home?

CCTV security systems are common in commercial and industrial properties. Businesses rely on these cameras to keep their stock safe and secure, especially during the times in which they are away from the premises. However, these days it’s becoming a … Continue reading

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You Couldn’t If You Tried: The World’s Most Secure Places (Part Three)

It’s been a while since we revisited our ‘you couldn’t if you tried’ series, which is an interesting and in depth look into some of the world’s most secure locations. We’ve previously looked at places such as Fort Knox, Area … Continue reading

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When is it Time to Change Your Locks?

Changing the locks in the home is something that many homeowners don’t even think about. Although locking doors is very important, there are some cases where it might not be enough. Having the locks changed in your home is important, … Continue reading

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New Homeowners: 4 Safety Tips to Consider

Buying and moving into your very first home is extremely exciting. After the years of saving, the months of filling in important documents and speaking about finances, and the weeks of packing up everything you own into cardboard boxes, you’ve … Continue reading

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My House Has Been Burgled. What Should I Do?

Coming home to find that your house been burgled is a horrible feeling. As well as being a shock, it also has the potential to be a devastating experience for some people. We hope that none of you have to … Continue reading

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Burglary 101: The 4 Basic Types of Burglars

Not all burglars are the same. Yeah they all break into property that isn’t theirs and they all steal things that don’t belong to them – but this doesn’t make them equal. There are a number of different reasons for … Continue reading

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Seasonal Safety Tips: Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas

We can’t quite believe that October has come and gone. We’ve only just put away our Halloween decorations for another year, but we’re already thinking ahead to the next big holiday. Now that we’re in November, many of us will … Continue reading

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Bizarre Burglaries: The Strangest Robberies That Have Ever Taken Place (Part Three)

What makes a burglary bizarre? We think it’s when something so random gets stolen, your first reaction is to think that it’s a joke. A house was stolen? That can’t be true! Someone made away with tons of sand from … Continue reading

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