Vacant Property Inspections East London, Essex, Kent

A vacant property is always a easy target to criminal activity, from ex-tennants and squatters wanting to use the premises to thieves looking for expensive items and metals to steal.

If you own a vacant property your current property insurance may be void due to the requirements that may be in place. Our vacant property inspections in East London, Essex and Kent makes it easy for landlords to comply with the list of requirements stipulated by insurance companies.

  • Securing the property against illegal entry
  • Securing all external doors
  • Changing all locks if required
  • Sealing letterboxes
  • Replacing or boarding up all broken windows
  • Removing all internal and external waste materials
  • Shutting off the gas supply
  • Shutting off and draining down the water supply
  • Shutting off the electricity
  • Inspecting property internally & extexternally weekly (or specific date required)
  • Carry out full report of the premises, taking photographic evidence.
  • Reporting any breaches to the landlord or managing agent and recommending actions to rectify the problem immediately

For more information or to enquire about a vacant property inspections in East London, Essex or Kent please get in touch via our contact us page or request a call back.