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Within the current climate of ever increasing crime, securing your cash, documentation and valuables has never been more important. The loss or damage of such items can have devastating effects for home occupiers, small businesses and large organisations alike. 

AFS Security supply safes in East London, Essex, Kent and offer a comprehensive range of free-standing, wall and under floor safes to help combat against indiscriminate theft and destruction of your personal or corporate property, from a simple but very effective DIY installed wall safe to a high risk commercial unit.

Leigh Safes manufacture safes to suit, providing the user with security they can trust along with total peace of mind.

To maintain our policy of continual development and improvement of all Leigh Safes’ products, we reserve the right to alter, or improve specification without prior notice.


In 1973 Securikey introduced a small range of wall mounted key cabinets which offered a trouble-free solution for the filing and security of keys. Since those early days, Securikey has gone from strength to strength introducing innovative new products and exploring new markets.

Today, Securikey has a wide range of key cabinets, capable of holding up to 2080 keys. These include portable cabinets for mobile security controls, glass fronted cabinets for holding padlocks and even fire-resistant cabinets. In fact, Securikey is now the U.K.’s leading supplier of this product.

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Later on, Securikey was a pioneer in the introduction of the Underfloor safe, introducing the “round door” Safeguard and the “square door” Protector models. The range gradually expanded and now includes Wall Safes, Free Standing Safes, Fire Resistant Data Safes, Cash Boxes and Security Boxes. In addition, Securikey also sell and distribute the “Master” padlock range. Convex Surveillance / Safety Mirrors, Self Retracting Keyreels and a range of door and window locks.

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Securikey is dedicated to providing you the customer with speedy, reliable and above all, high-quality service. This commitment has been rewarded as five years ago, Securikey achieved accreditation under BS EN ISO 9002. That’s why if you need help choosing a product for a particular application, or have a technical question, you’ll find our customer service department ready and willing to give you an answer.

What’s more, when it comes to delivery, our large stocks and our nationwide delivery network can handle the largest order quickly, reliably and without fuss.

For more information on our supply of safes in East London, Essex and Kent get in touch with us via our contact us page or request a call back by completing the form at the top of the page.