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Dortrend can supply handles treated with an anti-bacterial coating. Find out more about TouchClean

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We also have a short video of our anti-ligature products in action.

A range of products carefully designed and manufactured by Dortrend for use where there is a danger of self harm, such a detention centres and mental institutions. The full range will appear here soon. Watch a sequence of vdieo clips about our Antiligature products

Anti-ligature Accessories Dortrend Anti-ligature Accessories

Anti-ligature Door Closer

Dortrend Anti-ligature Door Closer

A door closer mechanism that is fitted internally leaving no external pieces when the door is closed

Anti-ligature KnobsDortrend Anti-ligature Knobs

Anti-ligature Levers Dortrend Anti-ligature Levers

Anti-ligature Pull Handles Dortrend Anti-ligature Pull Handles

Handles designed to avoid attachments

Window Fittings Window Fittings

Window fittings to which ligatures cannot be attached

Ryobi Door Closer

A special automatic door closer which has all the mechanism mounted internally.  There are, therefore, no external ligature points, making this an ideal product to use in conjunction with other antiligature product, such as door handles and accessories.

Click on the pdf to see a complete product brochure (576KB) ryobi_cou-50-2.pdf

Healthcare Leaflet


A package of products designed to help managers and designers of healthcare premises to meet their obligations under the HTM and DDA regulations. The range includes door handles, pull handles, braille signs, antiligature fitings, restroom aides and an anti-bacterial coating.

TouchClean Anti-Bacterial Coating


Dortrend International has launched a new anti-bacterial coating. TouchCleanTM is an anatase titanium dioxide based nano technology photocatalyst which destroys bacteria, spores, viruses, mould, odours and pollutants. 

Originally developed by Dortrend as a coating for door furniture there are versions of the new coating specially formulated for application to walls, doors, floors, equipment and clothing, making it an ideal component of general anti-bacterial programmes in hospitals, care homes, detention centres and other places where vulnerable people are cared for. 

The coating is also applicable where people congregate, such as buses, trains, nightclubs, cinemas, taxis, canteens and restaurants. Also available is an air cleaner based on the same technology which can remove any of these harmful substances from the air. 

TouchCleanTM contains TiO2 in nano powder form which has photocatlytic properties. UV light causes excitation of the TiO2 and water (vapour) is broken down to form hydroxyl radicals and free oxygen radicals. These are a powerful combination and break down any passing organic material into carbon dioxide and water. 

TouchCleanTM can be sprayed onto most existing surfaces such a walls, doors, floors and equipment. Used in this way the process is now a standard approach to help with infection control in hospitals in the far east. Organics that are destroyed by this technology include many of the bacteria currently causing problems in hospitals including MRSA, SARS, c. difficile, e.coli, and so on. Even the normally robust viruses and bacterial spores succumb to the powerful action of this photocatalyst. Airborne pollutants and odours which are organic in nature are equally destroyed, including cigarette smoke. 

TouchCleanTM also has application where antibacterial control programmes are indicated including, doctors surgeries, dental surgeries, schools, nuseries. Even when placed on a door handle the TouchCleanTM coating is robust and will last for several years. With a monitoring and servicing programme, the protection can be maintained indefinitely Dortrend can supply any of its extensive range of door and window furniture with the coating applied. 

Sprayed onto external surfaces including walls and footpaths it has a self cleaning action which is easily demonstrated. Any dirt particles that would normally bond onto the surface simply wash away next time it rains. Moss and lichen are completely inhibited. When TouchCleanTM is used on door handles there is no need to clean them. This reduces the potential to spread disease by the cleaning process itself. Tests on toilet doors showed that the treated handles were clean after one month whereas those regularly cleaned by conventional methods were contaminated. Call 1299 827837 now for more information or download our brochure


Less Physically Able

Braille door identificationBraille door identification

Braille door identification.

Grab rail / towel rail

Grab rail / towel rail

Grab rail / towel rail.