Vacant Property Security East London, Essex, Kent

Due to the current economic climate, there is an increasing number of commercial and residential properties left empty and theft becoming a growing industry, vacant property security in East London, Essex and Kent is even more important than ever.

AFS Security can provide a complete range of vacant property security services to keep your property secure from even the most persistent of criminals.

These services include.

  • Complete Lock Change – this will deter old tenants from gaining entry to your property
  • Property Drain Down and Utilities Shut Down
  • Boarding and Heras Fencing
  • Insurance / Property Inspections – Many insurers insist that a void property should be inspected a minimum of once a week.  We provide property inspections for when and how long the client wants. Providing a detail report of findings and taking full photographic evidence.
  • Clearance – getting the property back into marketable condition can mean that the void property will need clearing. This can include removing everything and cleaning the property from top to bottom or just removing left over rubbish from previous tenants. No clearance is too big or too small.
  • Garden Maintenance – Keeping a garden maintained is important for two main reasons. It keeps the property looking presentable and will make it more appealing to potential owners. Secondly, it will look like the property is not  a vacant and will make it less likely of any criminal activity.
  • Property Maintenance – We can provide many services to increase the marketability of a property. These services include, redecoration, carpentry works, stop tap fitting, property fencing.  

For more information on our vacant property security in East London, Essex and Kent contact us or you can request a call back using the form at the top of the page.