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Now Available - Mul-T-Lock MT5 System - New Generation in Physical High Security - Patented Until 2024

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Mul-T-Lock (UK) Ltd. is a leading supplier of high security locks.The Mul-T-Lock locks range includes, new Mul-T-Lock MT5 [ Patented till 2024 ], Mul-T-Lock Interactive, Mul-T-Lock Integrator, Mul-T-Lock Garrison, Nemef, and Corbin products. 

Now available – Mul-T-Lock Break Secure Cylinders for uPVC Doors.

Mul-T-Lock locks and security products are supplied and serviced through a nationwide network of professional locksmiths and security installers, covering the industrial, commercial and residential sectors of the market.

Each installer is capable of providing a comprehensive service package from survey through specification, installation and after sales services.
Each outlet is fully equipped to provide rapid response for all eventualities, from High Security key cutting on the premises right through to the production of complex master key systems,utilizing the worlds largest locking product range, operational on one key type.


This cylinder is built to allow a change of combinations by the insertion and operation of the next key in a sequence of 3 keys. Introduction of each new key invalidates the previous key combination.

When all 3 combinations have been used, the cylinder may be reset by a MUL-T-LOCK authorized locksmith. The product is packaged with the 3 key types, color-coded and clearly marked in a sequence, to guide the customer in correct usage. First you use the green set of keys.

Whenever the combination needs to be changed, simply start using the yellow key (Then the green key will automatically be cancelled). Once again you may change the combination by applying the same process with the red key. (the yellow key as well as the green will automatically be cancelled).



Mul-T-Lock Padlocks,

The Extra-Security group incorporates Patent Pending innovations and stands up to the most rigorous standards.

padlocks_11_c_sMul-T-Lock Padlocks: E-series
have extra strength and built-in patented engineering concepts and most advanced technologies,
providing you the Extra High Security you need.
The E-series Padlocks include various sizes, several types of shackles for a variety of applications,
low upper body or high upper body with Shackle Protector, and Padbars for maximum protection.
The E-series modern design is protected by worldwide, registration.

The Padlocks can be keyed alike or master-keyed.  

padlocks_14_t_sC-series Padlocks, the High-Security classic group of Padlocks, Shackle protectors & Hasps.

Mul-T-Lock Padlocks: C-series
have extra strength and built-in patented engineering concepts providing you with the High Security you need.
The C-series Padlocks include various sizes, several types of shackles for a variety of applications,
Steel Hasps & Shackle Protectors for maximum protection.
The Padlocks can be keyed alike or master-keyed.



3in1_pictThe MUL-T-LOCK patented Interactive® system raises the level of security to new heights. The Interactive® keys and key blanks incorporate a high precision moving insert which interacts with a spring-loaded pin in the cylinder plug to produce a “virtual combination” only when the key is inserted in the lock.
The Interactive® patented key and key blank provide increased control over key cutting, to achieve a higher level of customer security.

Interactive® technology is backwards compatible with the MUL-T-LOCK Classic system, allowing the upgrade of existing locks. If desired, a master key system can incorporate both MUL-T-LOCK Interactive® and Classic lock types.

Classroom Cylinder

School Cylinder 001


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