Masterkey System Success stories of 2018 and 19 so far!

AFS Security had a very good year in 2018 with continued success leading into the early stages of 2019, which included the installation of master key systems in many locations.

December 2018 – Cygnet Hospital - We installed a new Tigris Premier 3 master key system to the whole of the building which comprised of over 100 locks. The customer wanted value for money and also quality. Tigris being our go to supplier of well made locks was the chosen lock to replace the poorly designed Bristant cylinders that were installed that constantly kept breaking due to the soft pinning system used.

January 2019 – Queen Mary University Whitechapel – A refurbishment of the building has seen the current system being replaced for a brand new system. At present the 3rd floor has been replaced with the option to install new cylinders on all floors on their refurbishment as and when.

February 2019 – Queen Mary University Maths Building - Queen Mary has built a new building complete for their new Maths department. This meant that they wanted to install a brand new system for the complete building with sub suites per floor and also differ keys (separate keys) for every office and classroom. Again the go to system chosen was Tigris Premier 3 providing restricted patented keys until 2032.

Throughout the Year - 2018 saw constant new master key systems being supplied and installed by our experienced locksmith teams. Installations took place at office blocks, leisure centres, mental health hospitals, schools and many more.

Continued Customer Service – AFS Security over the years have provided many master key systems, including anti ligature installations for the NHS Foundation Trust and Priory Hospital, and we continued our great customer service supplying locks when needed on all our systems including Mul-T-Lock Interactive, Garrison, Interactive Plus +, MT5 Plus + and Tigris.


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