You Couldn’t If You Tried: The World’s Most Secure Places (Part Three)

It’s been a while since we revisited our ‘you couldn’t if you tried’ series, which is an interesting and in depth look into some of the world’s most secure locations.

We’ve previously looked at places such as Fort Knox, Area 51, Air force One and the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. Of all of these have places have just one thing in common; they are all heavily guarded and protected.

Jail Cell With Open Door And Bunch Of Keys

We’ve looked at even more of these well guarded and secure locations – enjoy!

Bold Lane Car Park

You hear a lot of horror stories about people having their cars stolen from public car parks, or coming back to find that someone has broken into it. Luckily for those parking at Bold Lane Cark Park in Derby, this is a problem that they never have to worry about.

Described as being the ‘Fort Knox’ of car parks, it’s definitely a location in which you wouldn’t think twice about leaving your car. You can’t enter the car park without a ticket indicating which exact car spot you are parked in, and once parked in there; your car is protected by motion sensors and alarms. Your car can’t move an inch without the sensors picking up on it – so forget anyone stealing it. There is also good quality CCTV cameras and panic buttons.

Bank of England Gold Vault

This is the UKs largest gold vault and is only second to the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA. It is thought to contain over 4,600 tons of gold – this is the reason for why it’s so heavily guarded.  Security includes a bomb-proof door that can only be unlocked by using a voice recognition system and then two or three keys. It’s exactly sure how far down the vault is buried in the Bank of England building, but it’s been said to have more floor space than a 47 storey building.

 Vintage Safes


Located in the North Sea, about six miles off the coast of Britain; HavenCo is considered one of the most secure locations in the world. The company base was founded back in 2000, but was shut down back in 2008. The company were one which provided data protection to thousands of important people. You had to be an authorised staff member to enter the base. The fact that it was located in the middle of the North Sea was almost enough security in itself – someone would have to be brave to try access it.


We can’t promise security quite like the ones mentioned above, but we can secure your property against burglary. As professional locksmiths in Kent, we offer a range of security solutions that can help secure your home or business.

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