Bizarre Burglaries: The Strangest Robberies That Have Ever Taken Place (Part Three)

What makes a burglary bizarre? We think it’s when something so random gets stolen, your first reaction is to think that it’s a joke. A house was stolen? That can’t be true! Someone made away with tons of sand from a beach – surely not?

Well, as we’ve been investigating, these burglaries might sound bizarre but they are most definitely true.

Burglar caught on the roof of a house

If you’ve been following our bizarre burglaries series closely and waiting with bated breath for part three – you’re in luck! We’re rounded up some more strange tales of less than normal burglaries that have happened around the world. Enjoy! (And if you haven’t already, go and check out part one and part two now)

Green With Envy

Irish house wife Denise Thompson was a keen gardener. She was especially proud of her front lawn – it was green, thick and healthy. With four young children and two dogs, the garden was somewhere she spent a lot of time. It’s not surprising then that she was devastated when someone stole it. Yeah – they took it all.

Denise went away with her whole family to visit her husband who was working away. When the family returned, they came in through the back door. Not suspecting anything amiss, she was shocked when she opened the front blinds and noticed that her whole garden was missing. Who took her grass? All that was left was mud as a replacement.

Neighbours claimed that they saw a white truck and trailer parked up outside her home but assumed it was a landscaping job. Did a company do it by accident? Nobody knows. Weird!

Dog Back Garden - iStock_000006885864_Medium

Monkeying Around

How does one steal a 350-lb inflatable gorilla? Surely someone would notice one of these going missing from the roof of a shop, right? Well no one claimed to have noticed in California when this very thing happened.

The inflatable gorilla used to sit loud and proud on top of a car dealership. It often deflated when the weather was windy so no one though anything of it when it disappeared from sight. Even the owners of the dealership just assumed that it had deflated and did nothing about it. When they eventually climbed onto the roof to blow it back up, they were amazed to discover that it was actually missing! The gorilla was tied down by cables – so how did someone manage to free it and get away unseen? We assume it was the work of a couple of people but we’ll never know for sure.

The case still hasn’t been cracked but we’re sure someone is laughing somewhere.


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